Celebrate with us!
Pottery painting is a great idea for parties across any age group, providing creative fun and a lasting memento.
We can provide children’s parties, hen parties, anniversary parties, special age parties, works parties, Christmas parties or just a get together. (For more information see each separate category).
A party can be arranged at a time to suit you – day or evening.
You can also order a takeaway party with everything you need to paint at home if you prefer.

Parties for children

Pottery painting
Our parties are suitable for any age.
You can usually have a room to yourselves (over 7 children) and can use the room for up to 2 hours with food if required.
You can bring your own refreshments and cake to have at the table when you’ve finished painting.

Qualified staff are on hand to help and give advice. There are samples for inspiration, and stamps, sponges everything you need to create your masterpiece. After the party we glaze and fire your pottery, and it is ready to collect within 10 days.

Choose from the following:

Party animals
Our most popular party, including a large selection of animals, fairies, mermaids, cars, dragons, unicorns, car, planes etc.
£15 per person

Plates, mugs and bowls
If you prefer to create your own design.
£16 per person

Freestanding 5″ letters can be painted in any design.
The children can decorate their initial.
£17.50 per person

Money boxes, trinket boxes and larger figures
Larger pieces including cupcake boxes, various trinket boxes and money boxes.
£20-£25 per person
The painting will last around one hour, up to an hour and a half for older painters or larger pieces.

Potter’s wheel (age 6 and above)
For an extra £7.50 per head, each child can have a go on the potter’s wheel (2 at a time) during the painting time. The pots made can be taken away on the day, but there is an extra charge if the children would like to come back and glaze their fired pots another day.

Some items can be painted with acrylic paints, and the pottery can be taken away the same day. This would not include plates mugs and bowls.
Decopatch can also be taken away on the day.

Takeaway party
Paint at home and then return to us for firing.
We will supply everything you need, including instructions.
Select your party items from our shop.

Tear, cut, stick & create!
Decopatch parties are fantastic fun for all children aged 6 and above. The children can cover an animal or box in beautiful patterned papers by tearing, cutting and sticking.
The children can decide between a ceramic letter and a papier mache animal shape to cover.
The item can be taken home the same day, approx one and a half hours.
£15 per person

Build a bear parties
Celebrate with a teddy bear making party using our no sew bear kits. The children all choose a bear or animal skin, then they make a wish on a heart and place the heart inside the bear while they stuff it themselves. Each child will then name their bear and fill in and decorate a birth certificate. Then they will decorate a T shirt for their bear. There would then be time for the children to make a souvenir finger print plate for the birthday boy or  girl to keep. (£20)

The cost is £20 per child or £22 with a carry box or bag to take the bear home.

You are welcome to bring your own food. With food the party would last 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours If you prefer to have the party at home, we can provide you with bears, hearts, t-shirts, birth certificates, and carry boxes or bags.

Please note: Bear and animal shapes will be chosen from our selection prior to the party. For pictures see separate category.

You are welcome to bring your own party food and cake to the party to have at the table after painting has finished. For adults we sell tea and coffee.


The Birthday child can have a commemorative plate made with the fingerprint and signature of each guest at the party. The cost is £20 per plate. You are welcome to decorate the room and bring balloons.

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