Hands, feet, fingers and paws

Create a priceless keepsake to treasure forever.

For all life’s milestones, from birth, Christening, First Birthday, First day at school etc. Perfect for all ages.


Have your child’s hands and feet painted and placed onto pottery pieces, such as tiles, plates, mugs, vases, money boxes and more. These are ideal presents for grandparents, friends, godparents, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or just for you to keep as a memento.

You can decorate the pottery yourself, or we can add your child’s name and age or date and add personal touches and decoration for you.

Christmas baubles are our most popular item, especially for the first Christmas.

Costing from around £10, the pieces are ready to collect within one week.

Remember, we can also visit mother snd toddler groups, playschool, nurseries and day-care centres too, or your mother and baby group can come to us

We also sell gift vouchers which make a lovely gift.

Clay Imprints

Hand and footprints in clay. The hand and/or foot is pressed into a piece of clay. We will then dry, finish fire and colour your imprint. We have a large range of colours and matt or glazed finishes to choose from.

They are ready to collect in 3 – 5 weeks.

3D outprints

Taken from the imprint and produced in clay or plaster, your child’s hands and  feet are captured in exquisite detail. They are ready to collect within 2 – 5 weeks (depending on whether you choose clay or plaster).

Finishing and framing

We can add any personal touches and decoration to your pieces. We also offer a framing service. Frames are made to fit each individual piece. We have a wide range of frames and mounts to suit any taste.

It is also possible to frame your piece with a photograph, or we could have a box frame made to put objects (such as a first pair of shoes) alongside your hands and feet.

Pet Paw Prints

Have a clay imprint or outprint made of your dog or cat’s paw print. You are welcome to bring your pet to the studio to capture their paw print. It works best for dogs, and sometimes cats. We can also supply a piece of clay for you to try at home. Christmas baubles or PAWBLES are becoming as popular as the baby hand and footprint baubles!


These are a  lovely way to decorate pottery. You can use them to add leaves to a family tree, or turn them into animals, insects snd people and flowers or create a special plate for a Birthday party or celebration and add signatures. Fingerprint pottery is a great idea for a class memento for schools and nurseries or teachers presents.

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