Decopatch is the funky 'paint without paint' papercraft. With beautiful papers it is easy to transform an ordinary object into a fantastic work of art. It is an easy and relaxing hobby, ideal for individuals or for a different party idea!

We have always stocked Decopatch papers and used them  on our ceramic pieces as an alternative to painting. Decopatch has recently become very popular and we now have an extensive range of papers. We also stock the Decopatch papier mache blanks.

Decopatch is an ideal hobby to do at home, and we can supply you with everything you need, but you are welcome to decopatch here in the studio where we can give you lots of advice and tips. We also have plenty of samples to look at - come and see our giant Decopatch giraffe!

How To Decopatch

Choose the item you wish to decorate from our range of ceramics or a papier mache shape, box, animal or alphabet letter. You can also bring your own objects from home, such as an old mirror, frame or plant pot.

Cut or tear your chosen papers into pieces.

Apply glue to a small area of your piece and place the paper on.

Brush another coat of glue over this.

Continue overlapping a piece at a time until your item is completely covered. That's all there is to it!