Build A Bear Parties

Celebrate with a teddy bear making party using our no sew bear kits. The children all choose a bear or animal skin, then they make a wish upon a star and place the star inside the bear while they stuff it themselves. Each child will then name their bear and fill in and decorate a birth certificate. Then they will decorate a T shirt for their bear. There would then be time for the children to make a souvenir finger print plate for the birthday boy or  girl to keep.
Prices are £10.50 for an 8" bear, £13 for a 12" bear and £16 for a 16" bear.

We can arrange for food - a 'Teddy Bears Picnic', or you are wlelcome to bring your own.

All the children leave the party with teir bear in a carry box.

Extras, such as voice boxes,clothes etc can be ordered before the party.

If you prefer to have the party at home, we can provide you with bears, stars, t -shirts, birth certificates, invitations and carry boxes.